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Javascript Mastery

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When you finish this course, you will:

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    Know how to approach and solve complex coding challenges with Javascript.
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    Understand exactly why you should take certain coding approaches versus others.
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    Be able to work with APIs and integrate them into your Javascript applications.
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    Use the best practices for debugging and testing your Javascript code to ensure optimal performance.
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    Develop a deep understanding of how Javascript interacts with HTML and CSS to build dynamic and responsive web applications.
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    Know the latest advancements in Javascript with the ES6 standard.

A new way to learn Javascript

Build your Javascript skills from the ground up by focusing on building your practical skills.

We'll start with the basics and work our way up to more advanced concepts - all while practicing with bite-sized exercises right in your browser.

In this interactive course, you'll learn with -

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    15+ hours of expert video content
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    100+ exercises with tests that automatically give you feedback
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    100+ quiz questions to test your knowledge
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    13 lesson cheatsheets to help you review and study

All carefully crafted to ensure you get the most effective learning experience.

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